À 101 ans, maman oblige son fils à arrêter la voiture pour jouer aux boules de neige

In November 2015, a woman named Albina Fuasi from Lilloo, British Columbia won the hearts of many by awakening the child within her despite the fact that by that time she had already lived a life that exceeded a century. Albina Foisy was then 101 years old.

Her reaction to the snow was perhaps one of the most honest and heartfelt you’ve seen in a century-old person in his entire life. She wasn’t just happy, she was thrilled.
Armand, the woman’s son, posted the video on Facebook, where in 2022 it had a total of ten million views.
The video shows Albina laughing and smiling while making a snowball. Once the snowball was ready, she threw it with as much force as possible.
Albina said it was time to go out and play snowballs.

Armand told me that it rained in Lilloo and then it suddenly snowed, which is extremely rare in their area. As a result, he and his mother decided to check for any approaching vehicles.
Armand made a turn three kilometers from town. But before they could get back on the road, the door suddenly opened and mum came out, followed by dad.
“When you have a 101-year-old mother, it’s nice to have a camera nearby to capture memorable moments as they pass.
produce. It’s one of them, right here,” smiles Armand.

In the comments, people write that they cannot resist watching Albina’s video, despite the fact that it has been available on the Internet for several years.

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