Every Tuesday, this father dances outside the hospital to cheer up his 14-year-old son with leukemia

As a parent, when your child is going through a health crisis, nothing can stop you from supporting them.

When Chuck and Lori Yielding of Fort Worth, Texas received the devastating news that their 14-year-old son Aiden had leukemia, they knew they would take him for treatment at Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Lori works at the hospital, so they were able to immediately embark on a rigorous treatment plan. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, Cook Children’s has a new rule that only one family member can stay with their loved one while they are receiving chemotherapy.

Undaunted, Chuck found another way to be with his son during treatment. Every Tuesday, while Aiden is in the hospital with Lori, Chuck shows up in the parking lot outside. He brings with him a loudspeaker full of upbeat music․

The awesome dad was determined to make his son smile, and he definitely succeeded! He’s always on the hunt for more and more fun dance routines to perform while Aiden watches from a window inside and tries to keep up.

Aiden isn’t the only one who enjoys seeing Chuck’s ever-expanding dance repertoire. Hospital workers always anticipate dad’s visits, as does Lori.

“Family is everything, unity is everything, but even when you can’t be together as a whole family as a unit, you find ways to do it,” the mother explained.

That’s great parenting, don’t you think? We send them all our love and wish Aiden a speedy recovery!

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