A generous heart: the man feeds a small orphaned kitten in the subway

Gillian Rogers lives in New York. To return home, the man takes the subway.

One day, in the subway, Mr. Rogers saw a man sitting with a little kitten.

The mimi was wrapped in a towel.

The kind-hearted stranger was feeding the kitten with a bottle.

He was moved by the behavior of this generous person who took care of the animal in need.

After contemplating this scene for a few moments, Rogers decided to approach the stranger and ask him where did he find the little cutie from?

The man explained that he had found the kitten in the street, between two buildings and did not want to abandon it, because the little orphan who was all alone would not be able to survive.

Rogers captured these infinitely beautiful and pleasant moments and later published these photos on the Internet.

He noticed that as the man fed him, the little animal looked at him gratefully.

And this scene filled his heart with tenderness and he thanked the stranger for his kindness.

Stepping off the wagon, Rogers felt very comfortable.

“It was a really special moment. When I left the train, I kept thinking about this marvelous scene.

It’s wonderful that there are still people with hearts of gold like this unknown man,” Rogers wrote on the animal shelter’s official page.

And his post went viral.

It should absolutely be noted that Mr. Rogers who has devoted his entire life to the rescue of animals is the founder of Pet Rescue Squad.

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