She swallows her engagement ring hidden in the rice dish during a family meal

A man wanted to surprise his future fiancée by hiding the ring in a dish of rice. But not everything went as planned and the young woman ended up in the hospital.

It was to be a happy and friendly moment. In a village in Kenya , a man found an original way to propose to his girlfriend. With the help of the bride’s mom, the man hid the engagement ring in a plate of pilao rice .

The young woman was thus supposed to discover the ring during the family meal. But the risk of an accident was too great. While eating quickly, the fiancée could not see the ring which she accidentally swallowed.

The family tried to hit the young woman on the back to help her breathe and by extension, to bring out the ring. No result. The fiancée was transported to the hospital where her family was worried about waiting for her for hours.

The next day, the whole family was again present to find the young woman recovered from her emotions, healthy and surprised, with the famous ring on her finger. Nothing specifies how the ring left the organism of the fiancée, but the natural process seems the most probable.

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