The abandoned Hotel Belvedere in Switzerland

The Hotel Belvedere in Switzerland ceased operations in 2016. The Hotel Belvedere itself was slowly falling into disrepair and had not been renovated for some time, leading to its demise. Built in 1882, the Belvedere Hotel was once an iconic building in the Swiss Alps. Some say the route to the hotel is one of the scariest routes.

The Furka Pass is a paradise for road trippers in the Swiss High Alps. Today, tourists still come here to take a look at the once-thriving hotel and make their way to the glacier where the ice grotto once stood. It was a 100m long tunnel and ice chamber that could be visited when the road opened in summer. The panoramic location of the Hotel Belvédère attracted a pampered clientele who sometimes stayed here for several weeks at a time in the summer.

At the turn of the 20th century, when the hotel industry was booming throughout Switzerland, Josef Seiler dared to build a new addition – a gable roof with two additional floors, which gave the hotel its current appearance. The number of beds increased to 90 in 1907. In the 20th century, visitor numbers to the Rhone Glacier and the hotel steadily increased thanks to the opening of two new railway lines. However, the number of guests in the Alpine region has declined sharply since the 1960s.

The cars are becoming too powerful and fast, and what used to be a two or three day drive through the lane becomes a one day drive. In 1964, the Furka Pass was the scene of a chase scene in the James Bond film Goldfinger. Sean Connery is said to have stayed at the hotel – rumor has it he became a regular visitor in the years that followed.

Pope John the 23rd was also one of the hotel’s famous regular guests.

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