True miracle: twins were born 87 days apart and entered the Guinness Book

Maria and Chris Jones-Elliot lived happily with two children.

But when the couple found out that twins were soon to be born, it seemed like there was no limit to happiness. The older brother and sister of future babies were also eagerly awaiting their birth.

The couple came up with names for their daughters in advance – Amy and Katy. The babies were due in September. However, plans have changed drastically.

Already at the end of May, the first twin, Amy, was born. Although she was born much earlier than the indicated date, the girl felt more than normal.

Amy’s weight at the time of birth was 500g. The second sister was born 87 days later, weighing 2.5 kg.

Although the first twin had already put on weight by then, she was still much smaller than Katy, the second sister.

These girls immediately caught the attention of the media. In addition, Katy and Amy entered the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to the big difference in birth.

The family has an interesting tradition – they celebrate their birthdays twice a year. The first time is celebrated on Amy’s birthday and the second is Katy’s.

The girls are now 9 years old.

Despite the fact that there is a fairly large gap between their births, they are still confused by others. Only parents know who is who, although that’s not surprising.

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