She Had Snow-White-Haired Albino Twins: Look How They Changed

Every young person is special in their own way. However, there are children whose birth is considered such a rare phenomenon that journalists around the world are glued to them.

It was so with Catalina and Virginia, the Argentinian twins. Babies were born into a normal family, but their photos quickly became famous on the Internet.

Jorge Gomez and his wife were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the girls. They adored their son, but they wanted the family to grow even more.

That’s why when the couple found out they were expecting twins, they were overjoyed. However, the parents had no idea how strange their newborns would be.

Their parents were blown away by their unique offspring. At 36 weeks, the twins were born prematurely.

Despite this, the babies were healthy and weighed a steady amount. However, it was immediately apparent that some very strange children had been born!

They immediately caught the attention of doctors at the Argentine hospital. Baby photos have gone viral all over the world!

Catalina and Virginia are albino twins! They have an incredibly fair complexion and white hair.

Considering that the girls’ parents are both very dark-skinned Argentinians, such a contrast is quite stark!

Despite the babies being nothing like Jorge and his wife, they wholeheartedly accepted their children’s whims.

“We consider this a blessing,” the parents remark. Albinism is a rare hereditary disease that affects around one in 20,000 children.

Surprisingly, this figure varies by breed. Thus, one in 3,000 African children is albino. Europeans have the fewest such descendants.

Both parents must have this gene for an albino child to be born. This is why the phenomenon is so unusual and one of a kind.

Even more amazing, not one, but two albino children were born into an Argentinian home! However, it has an impact on more than the appearance of the baby.

Albinos often have weak eyesight, fragile bones and sensitivity to the sun.

Children with unusual white hair and skin are often made fun of.

And Catalina and Virginia had no reason to be upset by his absence! Media around the world were riveted to weird girls from the moment they were born.

But the babies were quickly forgotten. The twins are now four years old and appear to be in good condition.

Relatives of the sisters recently shared images of happy babies wearing custom-made outfits by a family friend.

Catalina and Virginia share the same snow-white hair and porcelain skin. One of the babies wears orange goggles that protect his eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

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