Two Englishmen buy an entire hamlet in Normandy for… 26,000 euros!

In Normandy, a British couple has offered themselves a dilapidated hamlet with the aim of renovating it. In total, the English paid 26,000 euros to acquire the group of dwellings.

Life is full of opportunities, and Paul Mappley and Yip Ward wouldn’t dare say otherwise. Indeed, this British couple has offered an abandoned French hamlet for a ridiculous sum, reports The Independent.

This crazy adventure began in 2019 when the two Englishmen were forced to find new accommodation. At the time, the latter rented a caravan in West Kent. Their daily life changed when the owner of the vehicle decided to sell it.

Not having the means to buy a house in England, the two landscapers then tried their luck in France. It is in this context that Paul Mappley and his companion became 2021 the owners of the hamlet of La Buslière, in Normandy.

In total, they paid 22,000 pounds sterling (about 26,000 euros) to acquire the group of dwellings. The hamlet is home to two barns, a stable, a two-storey workshop, a well and even a common bread oven, specifies the British information site. Note that the property – which once belonged to farmers – is surrounded by 8,000 m² of land.

“We are very lucky”
Today, the couple spends much of their free time renovating the building. They plan to turn it into a luxury vacation destination:

“ We don’t have a lot of money to do it, but we had to try and we would like to prevent the hamlet from falling apart ,” the couple said on the English program “Help, We Bought a Village! “.

Before adding: ” Owning a building is a big dream, but something like this, with so much history, gives an incredible feeling, we are very lucky to be able to do it “.

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