This dog has been waiting for 6 long years in a shelter to be adopted because of one of his character traits

Chesbro is an adorable dog. Nevertheless, he does not trust anyone in 30 seconds. This reluctant attitude at first sight has scared off many adopters, yet he has love to spare.

Chesbro was found all alone in the middle of the California desert in the United States. He was just a 6-month-old puppy who had never lived with humans.

The doggie was therefore extremely fearful and distant towards his rescuer. The latter led him to the refuge of the Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs.

And he never moved again.

The organization’s volunteers spent a lot of time with him to socialize and educate him.

If he was afraid of men at first, he learned to trust and even love them.

Chesbro is now over 6 years old and still waiting to be opened to a warm home with a loving master.

Members of the Humane Society of the Desert have seen potential adopters miss this adorable canine countless times.

“A lot of times people who come in want a super social, affectionate dog that’s sitting on their lap within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. Chesbro ends up being overlooked because of that fact, unfortunately,” Cali Trevino, the group’s communications manager, explained to People.

The doggie indeed needs a little more time to reveal his endearing personality.

The volunteers are not losing hope, however. They describe Chesbro as a very gentle and calm canine.

In addition, he particularly appreciates the company of other animals, and will therefore be very comfortable in a house with a dog or a cat.
He also loves swimming, nature walks and of course eating meat treats.

“Every pooch deserves a happy life in a home with caring humans. We hope that Chesbro will have this chance soon,” concluded Cali.

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