The wild squirrel is very grateful: he visits his savior every day and does not leave him

Sometimes animals are more reasonable and loyal than people. Even a little squirrel can show magnificent examples of devotion.

A young man rescued a newborn squirrel. A storm had captured him and swept him away from his nest and his mother. Grégoire found it in his garden. He took him home to warm him up.

Fortunately, the squirrel survived and in the morning the young man gave him milk from a bottle.

Then Grégoire prepared a cage for the baby.

He named her Anne. The squirrel was growing day by day.

He knew his savior and looked at him curiously with his small eyes.

Grégoire would take her into the garden and they would walk together. The little animal was learning to climb trees and do flying jumps.

She was growing up, but was still bound to her savior.

Anne liked to sit on Grégoire’s shoulder. He even took a ride on the dog’s back. Already, he could climb trees on his own.

One day, Grégoire decided to take her to the nearby wood. He thought the squirrel was already big and he had better set him free.

But still, the man was worried about his friend. Within a week, when Grégoire opened the front door, Anne was there.

She climbed on his shoulder, greeting him. And each time, the squirrel visited his friend.

He ate, played with his friend the dog, climbed trees and left to come back again.

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