The municipality of Melun helped the associations to open a Chapiti for stray cats

Stray cats are a plague. The poor animals suffer from hunger, thirst, bad weather and sometimes also from the malevolence of certain individuals. Moreover, they proliferate at high speed. The municipality of Melun in partnership with One Voice and Chats Libres de la Rochette, associations that campaign for animal welfare, has implemented an atypical solution.

On July 21, 2021, the town of Melun in Seine-et-Marne inaugurated the first Chatipi. This is a cottage for stray and abandoned cats in the area. Indeed, the association Chats Libres de la Rochette continues to find cats in need of help. “There are more and more dropouts,” said Béatrice Vottero, the association’s president, to Actu.

The wooden chalet placed on a concrete slab and fenced by a fence responds to the problem. Stray cats can enjoy a healthy, clean environment as well as unlimited access to food and water.

In addition, this installation allows associations to control the population of stray cats. They are indeed systematically identified, vaccinated and sterilized in order to regulate their population. In addition, socialized cats are available for adoption.

The first cat to have benefited from the Chatipi, a senior named Jackson, was able to find a new home for life last April. He now enjoys his new comfortable home while the associations Chats Libres de la Rochette and One Voice continue to fight against the abandonment of animals.

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