In 1997, this woman gave birth to 7 children. How do the world’s first septuplets live now?

The McCaughey family already had a baby when they decided to have one more. Because of health issues, she couldn’t conceive for a long time. They decided to try another way.

They put 7 embryos in her, just like they do to everyone. Almost always only one of the embryos survive, but in this case, all seven survived.

They were born in 1997. It was a miracle. They all weighed around one and a half kg. Sadly, two of them were born with cerebral palsy, but after surgeries, they were able to walk.

Their story became viral, but they didn’t have enough money to take care of them. Thanks to their popularity they received a lot of donations.

Some people sent clothes and toys. Even the US president helped them.

Soon after they received a huge home as a gift. The food was free also a lot of universities were waiting for the babies to grow up and attend there.

The mother said that after her children left the house, she didn’t know how to spend her time and was lonely.

Kelsey McCaughey is proud of her children and loves them with endless love.

They can’t wait to become grandparents

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