These shocking revelations about the Amish will astound those on the outside looking in.

Do you have a deep understanding of the Amish people beyond their plain dress and quiet existence? It turns out there’s a lot more to these intriguing folks than the rest of us know. Some of the information presented here is alarming.

Take a look into the amazing inner realm that only the Amish get to experience. Along the process, you’ll pick up some useful information and get a better comprehension of these reclusive people.

Your current style of living may be enhanced by the insights you receive. If nothing else, maybe this story will make you laugh.

We dig rules, man.
The Amish are a subset of the population that generally appreciates order and structure. The set of regulations they’re expected to adhere to is known as the Ordnung. A set of rules and regulations for how they should spend their lives are laid forth in this book.

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