Best Gift: An 11-year-old boy bursts into tears after learning he was adopted on Christmas Day.”

Carter, 11 years old, received the most meaningful gift for him at Christmas: family members told him they were going to adopt him. After reading the letter announcing this news, the boy couldn’t hold back his tears. This story took place in the U.S. state of Ohio.”

According to his aunt, Leah Kiefart, 11-year-old Carter Wiles is living with dysfunctional parents, and all family members are aware of this. This woman discussed it with the family, and together, they decided that the best solution for Carter’s well-being would be to welcome him into their extended family.”

On Christmas, all family members gathered at the Kiphart family’s home. The entire family was touched, and the aunt approached the boy, hugging him tightly. Carter’s aunt stated, ‘Carter moved in with us because he had a more than dysfunctional life with his biological parents. Adoption wasn’t originally planned. But we discussed it with my husband and children on Sunday evening, and on Monday, we decided to share the news with Carter.'”

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