Poor guy was ditched by a rapacious bride; years later, he attends her wedding as the groom’s employer

Kevin headed home while carrying his briefcase. He appeared to be unhappy. We’re sorry, but the position is already filled, the recruiter who had just interviewed him said.

“I believed I could succeed. I told Linda I’d get the job back,” he lamented. Kevin was an orphan and 25 years old. He had battled for a better life all of his life. But it seems like his suffering would never be over.

Despite his financial difficulties, Kevin made a visit at the florist and purchased Linda’s preferred flowers.

“Once she sees these, she won’t be furious with me!” He consoled himself, but the flat he had lived in with his partner for five years had a terrible surprise in store for him.

“How much are they offering you? What occurred at the interview?” Linda was interested. “We need to get some good furnishings as soon as you receive your first income. This seems outdated and rotting.

Kevin was unsure about how to discuss his unsuccessful interview in public. He finally found the guts to confront his girlfriend. He extended the bouquet and uttered:

“I’m sorry, honey. I’ll continue to try, I swear. The post was already filled this time, though.

Linda started screaming and arguing right away.

I’ve always known you to be a loser who is useless. I don’t want to remain here and have a miserable life like you anymore. I’m going away.

Kevin pleaded and sobbed, but his girlfriend said he was being idle. She sprinted outside with her bag, turned off his phone call, and continued walking. Kevin was left behind with nothing but pain and sorrow from her.

Kevin lamented to a close friend about how miserable his life was a month later.

“Dude, your ex-girlfriend is dating a wealthy man. She was unworthy… His friend’s remark, “I told you so!” deepened the damage in Kevin’s heart.

Kevin was so angry that he walked straight to the grave of his deceased father.

Kevin was 18 years old when his father, Alex, died. In many respects, he served as his inspiration, and on his deathbed, he spoke to him:

No matter how many traps lie in store for you, son, never give up hope. Always get back up and fight with confidence. Your achievement will attest to your value. Just provide evidence to support it.

“Dad, I’m sorry I disappointed you. I swear I’ll strike back. I’ve decided to stop crying over things from the past or individuals who don’t worth my time. I’ll put forth a lot of effort and demonstrate my abilities.

Kevin worked tirelessly to build his life because he was determined.

After thirteen years had gone, Carlos entered Kevin’s office while he and his contractors were debating a new contract.

He pushed open the glass door and said, “Excuse me, sir.”

“Yes, Carlos…” Welcome inside.

Kevin received a wedding invitation from Carlos.

“Sir, I hope you can come to my wedding; I would be honored if you did.”

Kevin praised his worker and declared he would go. He never read the invitation carefully and only skimmed the ceremony’s location. It was in a resort close by.

The big day finally came. It was a lovely location, and several of the attendees recognized him and came to meet and adore him in an effort to secure a new contract with his construction business.

“Sir!” Kev was hailed by Carlos. He introduced Linda, who is his fiancée.

Kevin was shocked to learn that Carlos was engaged to his ex-girlfriend. Linda and Kevin exchanged startled looks as they tried to process what had just happened.

Carlos said, “Do you know each other?!”

Linda and Kevin denied it. Kevin was invited to speak to the newlyweds and congratulate them in the middle of the event. He raised the mic and started talking, explaining how he had made it to the top in his field.

He said as Linda started to become pale, “What makes a family strong is how they support one other to the end.” She was concerned that Kevin would disclose his background to the public.

“You can’t discuss family until you’re confident in your ability to support them through difficult times. My wife Shirley is the reason I am known by the name and renowned I have today. I owe her my life!”

When Linda discovered that Kevin was successfully married with three kids, she was shocked. But it didn’t end there.

“Someone I cherished and loved let me down. Then I discovered Shirley. I was a regular employee at the time that she fell in love with me, and I had already been fired three times. But she inspired me and had faith in me. We once resided in an outdated hotel with rusty tap water, and I changed jobs seven times in seven years. She also made more money than I did.

“Until one day, life was full of disappointing shocks for my family’s business. I am in this position now because I married the lady I genuinely loved.

“I would have been abandoned where I was deceived if Shirley hadn’t been there. I appreciate you, honey; I adore you. And to Carlos and Linda, I wish you both a long and happy marriage. I hope Linda will always be a genuine pillar of strength for me.

After completing his speech, Kevin grinned at Linda, who was still in awe of his success and fortune. Knowing that her husband Carlos worked for her ex-boyfriend, who she had dumped for his prestige, added fuel to the fire. Linda had no choice except to accept the unpleasant facts and deal with it.

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