A female bodybuilder shared her wedding photos on the web, showcasing her husband at the same time.

Brazilian professional bodybuilder Ana Lucy Freitas is happily married to a man named Ricardo. Recently, one of the most talked-about models shared her wedding photos on the internet, introducing her husband to her followers at the same time. Without a doubt, Ana’s photos leave no one indifferent.

Indeed, it’s not every day that we have the opportunity to see such luxurious and strong female representatives. Men clearly envy Ricardo, who managed to fall in love with this blonde.

Wow,” “What power,” “Ricardo looks so tiny and weak next to his wife,” “This is what I call a successful union,” “With a wife like that, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Ricardo can sleep peacefully with a protector like her,” “An interesting couple,” “They complement each other very well,” “Why not? We’re all so different,” “Well, it’s beautiful.”

These comments continue to highlight the diversity of opinions and the beauty of their relationship.

I am in love. This is what I call a poet’s dream.”

Classy lady,” wrote the internet users in the comments under Anna and Ricardo’s post

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