A Malinois, found abused, hanging from a balcony begins a promising career in the police

What a destiny that of Natsu, a dog victim of abuse and saved by a benevolent neighbor, before being taken care of by the Dijon SPA. The quadruped, fully recovered from his trauma, is now part of the national police and will soon be fully operational.

Saved in extremis when he had lost consciousness, Natsu swept away his painful past with the back of his paw and now even has a job, reported Ouest France .

The nightmare of this superb Belgian Shepherd Malinois had ended almost a year ago, in February 2022. That day, the dog was very close to disaster, since he had been discovered hanging by his leash on the balcony of the apartment of his masters, located avenue du Drapeau in Dijon (21). Kept tied, he had jumped over the railing to find himself suspended and strangled.

Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor noticed in time to untie him and save his life. Natsu had already passed out at the time of his intervention. His benefactor had taken him home until the police arrived. Having regained his senses, the canine had been taken to the veterinarian , then entrusted to the local refuge, that of the SPA des Cailloux .

It turned out that Natsu had been abused long before that horrific accident. The scar on his muzzle had been left by the muzzle he had to wear constantly, in all likelihood.

Cared for and pampered by the Dijon SPA team , the dog, who will soon be celebrating his 3rd birthday, had regained his form and his joie de vivre.

Many were moved by his story. The latter even caught the attention of the dog squad of the national police of Dijon . Thanks to a partnership linking her to the SPA , Natsu ended up joining her in November 2022 after passing all the tests and following a basic apprenticeship.

The next step for the Malinois will be his entry into mission scheduled for March 2023. He will thus contribute to preserving security in public spaces and will be able to intervene alongside the BAC (anti-crime brigade) if necessary.



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