Slouched and gaunt: Gigi Hadid was spotted by paparazzi while walking with a friend. She is unrecognizable.

Gigi Hadid, once considered one of the most beautiful and sought-after world-renowned models, was spotted by paparazzi during a walk with a friend, but she is unrecognizable

After giving birth to her daughter, Gigi dedicated herself completely to domestic care. Furthermore, the genetically predisposed beauty to gain weight had slightly changed her figure, like any young mother (more details: Transformed into jelly: Gigi Hadid, rounder, was filmed during a walk). At that time, rumors began to circulate that Gigi might not return to the runway at all. She indirectly confirmed these rumors in rare interviews by stating that her family is the most important thing to her.

Then came the scandal and the breakup with Zayn Malik (more details: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split after a dispute with his mother). All of this was very challenging for Hadid. However, as a single mother, she quickly reclaimed her place on the fashion runways, showcasing her curves that were admired by both the public and designers.

While she still looks stunning on the red carpet and during fashion shows, in everyday life, it’s quite the opposite. The model prefers casual outfits and flat shoes, avoiding heels.

The paparazzi caught Gigi during a walk with a friend. She was wearing a short graphite-colored t-shirt, long blue denim shorts, white socks, and Adidas sneakers. To complete her look, she sported rectangular sunglasses, multiple necklaces, and a black and white floral-patterned shoulder bag.

It seemed that Gigi appeared quite ordinary, but one detail didn’t escape everyone’s notice. Many noticed that the young mother seemed to be slouching, and her face appeared more hollow

Whatever the reason, many women online immediately identified with her. They emphasized that juggling motherhood and work had also exhausted them.
“When you have a child, a job, and a personal life, you look just as tired,” “Gigi is not the same anymore,” “She should rest and relax,” commented users on the Internet.



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