You wouldn’t dare: Hailey Bieber strolls around town in neon pants

Justin Bieber’s wife, the top model Hailey Bieber, has always been known for her daring outfits. The beauty has a magnificent figure and doesn’t feel the need to hide it.”

Many still remember her provocative string dress at the Met Gala, which sparked controversy online. The star’s wardrobe also includes completely transparent dresses, waist-high mini-skirts, and bra tops.”

And, of course, micro-shorts. In Bieber’s case, these can easily be mistaken for underwear. In any case, during the latest outing of the top model, fans got the impression that the model was wearing only a single neon-colored panty.”

Of course, it showcased Haley’s perfect curves and beautiful tan. But some fans found it too inappropriate. They were also surprised that Justin Bieber allowed his wife to dress this way. After all, every man turns their head when she’s around!”

However, in her quest to accentuate her fashionable silhouette, Bieber sometimes goes overboard and gets carried away by fashion trends. In the fall, for example, she literally burst her perfect figure with a leather dress.

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