Kirsten Dunst is unrecognizable: Paparazzi filmed the actress looking larger during a walk.”

The American actress Kirsten Dunst, aged 36, used to be a regular in various rankings of ‘Hollywood’s most beautiful, desirable, and sexy stars.’ The reason she no longer appears in such rankings turned out to be quite simple. The actress has simply devoted herself entirely to her family.”

The photos taken by the paparazzi clearly show that Kirsten Dunst has indeed gained weight and has stopped taking care of herself. However, fans and many of the actress’s colleagues are defending her because she recently gave birth. In early May, Kirsten and Jesse Plemons became proud parents of a boy. Of course, in such a short time, the actress hasn’t had the chance to get back in shape. Moreover, many emphasize that the actress can afford to take a break for now, so these photos do not mean that she is giving up her career or that she will never regain her shape.”

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