A famous influencer defies unrealistic beauty standards by posting photos of her natural body

We can never repeat it enough: the perfect body does not exist. And it is not this influencer who would dare to say the opposite. The latter dismantles the beauty shots by posting photos of her figure taken from two different angles.

Her name may not tell you anything, but Bree Lenehan is an Australian influencer very appreciated by her community. The reason ? The young woman does not hesitate to defy the dictates of the perfect body by publishing photos of her completely relaxed silhouette.

The one who is followed by 643,000 subscribers on Instagram shares her photos every Monday. Through her approach (entitled “Real Me Monday”), she reminds us that the perfect body is just an illusion on social networks .

Her before/after photos demonstrate how posture can transform a figure: “I thought it logical that people were looking for the real thing instead of the fake and perfected poses we usually consume on social media. It made my heart happy to help people feel better and more loving towards themselves ,” the content creator explained to Bored Panda.

She also specifies that you have to be brave enough to expose your body without filter or retouching. Bree Lenehan says “Real Me Monday” helped boost her self-confidence.

The pretty brunette advises people with a complex about their body to give priority to positive self-acceptance: “We underestimate the power of our mind (…) It takes practice, time and a lot of kindness (…) » .

Without further ado, discover below the photomontages of the young woman:

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