How do the handsome Nicolas and the blonde Hélène present themselves today?

The series “Hélène et les Enfants” has become a classic, despite its simplicity. The simple and light romantic plot about the lives of French students who fall in love, play music in a garage, and enjoy croissants in a café still attracts new fans today.

This cult show featured Patrick Pudeba and Hélène Rolle (Nicolas and Hélène), the main couple of French television. I wonder what they look like now?

In less than two years, the series “Hélène et les Garçons” gathered a considerable number of fans from around the world. In France, for example, everyone became enamored with Hélène – viewers didn’t want to part with this blonde.

After “Hélène et les Garçons,” Jean-Luc Azoulay created three more series, continuing the love story of Hélène and Nicolas: “Rêves d’Amour,” “Amour en Vacances,” and “Secrets d’Amour.” The latter has been airing on French television since 2011 and was only recently taken off the schedule.

In “Secrets d’Amour,” the characters have grown up, moved to Paris, and are leading adult lives, but of course, they are still at the center of romantic adventures. They have changed a lot over the years.


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