Boy, 16, divides the internet with billowing ballgown, some say he’s ‘stunning’ others say ‘vile’

16-year-old Korben White caused a stir on the internet with his stunning prom attire: a flaming red skirt paired with a sequin-flecked tuxedo top that perfectly matched his scarlet hair. His mother, Nina Green, shared a viral post capturing Korben’s bold fashion choice, sparking a mixture of praise and criticism. At just 12 years old, Korben expressed a desire to go to the prom in an evening dress. Four years later, his dream became reality. Inspired by American actor Billy Porter, Korben’s ensemble embodied his desire to express his feminine side while staying true to himself. At the age of 12, my son announced that he wanted to go to the school #prom in an evening dress.

Four years later we did it. I’m so incredibly #proud of him for staying true to himself and the reception he got from his entire school was incredible. As Korben stepped out of the car in his stunning outfit, he received thunderous applause from classmates and teachers at Archbishop Sancroft High School. His mother proudly shared the heartwarming moment on social media, sparking millions of reactions worldwide, including a nod from RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage.

Your support has been great and we look forward to speaking again soon. While the majority praised Korben’s bravery and his mother’s unwavering support, others voiced their opinions, citing the ongoing societal gap when it comes to gender expression. Despite the backlash, Nina Green remained steadfast in her support for her son, emphasizing the importance of accepting and celebrating individuality. From Korben to @missfroufrou1 Here are just a few pictures after a great photo shoot!

Thanks to @jamesburtonpics. Watch out @dragraceukbbc, she’s looking for you! @michellevisage Despite adversity, Korben and his mother stood strong and served as role models of courage and resilience. Her story is a reminder of the power of acceptance and unconditional love in shaping a better, more inclusive future for all. My boy couldn’t be prouder, he’s also at London Pride today at the age of 16 What are your thoughts on teenagers defying traditional gender norms at prom? Share this story to join the discussion!

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