Man becomes best friend to blind dog from shelter

A large animal shelter for animals with special needs, Furever Rescue Foster in Cairo, has been a volunteer for many years by a man named Ahmed Embabi. He helped hundreds of dogs adapt to new conditions. But only with a dog named Araf did he become so friendly.

Araf has no sight at all, but the dog has a heightened sense of smell and hearing. And Araf can recognize the voice of his best friend from a thousand. As soon as Embabi calls out the name of the dog, she immediately rushes to meet him.

Ahmed Embabi confesses: “I never cease to be amazed at the unbridled joy with which the dog greets me. This proves once again that the love of dogs is amazing and selfless.”

The sight of the dog will never recover. However, his emotional state stabilized after he ended up in an orphanage. In addition, the dog gained weight and learned to behave both with his own kind and with people.

It is especially important that Araf learned to love a person, and his strong friendship with Ahmed Embabi is proof of this. True, Arafu is still looking for a family, Ahmed cannot take him to her.

This is hard to do, because not everyone is ready to take care of a blind dog. But Embabi believes that finding a family for Araf, a devoted and very friendly dog, is quite realistic. He says that he will continue to communicate with him when Araf leaves for his permanent home.

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