The time spares no one. What does Richard, 89 years old, look like today?

The legendary actor Pierre Richard celebrated his 89th birthday. Do you know what the artist, who made us laugh uncontrollably until our stomachs hurt, looks like now? Recent photos of the artist circulate on the internet, and due to his advanced age, he has to move around with crutches. “Wonderful actor,” “Pierre, we remember you and love you.”

It’s sad to see childhood idols in such a vulnerable state,” “I don’t want to grow old,” “Time spares no one, unfortunately,” “And I will remember him as young and joyful,” “Pierre, thank you for my childhood and the emotions.”

The best actor,” “I love you and respect your work,” “How many positive emotions you have given us,” I was reading under the new photos of the legendary and beloved actor Pierre Richard. And which movie featuring the artist comes to your mind the most?

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