This single dad works four jobs to support his family

A single father worked day in and day out to support his family. He never shied away from his other responsibilities and sacrificed selflessly for his children. One day he received a pleasant surprise that brought tears to his eyes.
The love of fathers for their children is boundless. When talking about parental love, the first thing that comes to mind is a mother’s dedication to her children.

However, we often forget the constant parental love for children, which deepens over time.
Not all heroes wear capes. For many children, fathers are the first heroes and role models because their dedication, kindness, patience and devotion are unmatched.

The story we are going to share with you today tells something similar.
Harley Harlington was a former Marine, a single father who survived. But those aren’t the only titles he’s held for more than seven decades.

Although he looked tough on the outside, he didn’t talk about the issues that plagued him on the inside.
He was a loving father and grandfather and never failed to give his children his constant love and attention. Harlington has always been strong for his family and calmly bore all pains and struggles without frowning.
Despite his health problems, Mr. Harlington never gave up his duties and his relentless sacrifices did not go unnoticed by his daughter and grandchildren.

One day in 2016, a stranger knocked on his door and gave him an incredible surprise.
They were Monica Jackson, from FOX5’s Surprise Squad show, and Harlington’s granddaughter, Kirsten. Harlington invited them in and they sat down in the living room. All together, they made that day unforgettable for the man.

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