A moose started to gallop alongside the fisherman while they were on a boat drifting down the river until it eventually passed them

A pair of fishermen were cruising down the river on a motorboat when they caught a glimpse of movement on the side. A moose would typically approach the river gently. But this one was never going to be able to swim. He began crossing the river by racing directly across the water without flopping down as if defying gravity and all physical rules.

One of the fisherman, Chris Rock, pulled out his camera and started documenting the peculiar scene. The keel of the motorboat was not in contact with the ground. The moose ran in what manner?

The animal, meanwhile, became aware of the boat and merely accelerated. The moose stopped heading toward the water’s edge and instead moved toward the fisherman, crossing the river where it was deepest.

The situation appears considerably odd in the video. It is clear that the writers did not modify this passage:

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