After 4 years, a man who vowed to never give up looking for his lost dog finally succeeds 

In 2016, Michael Joy experienced a devastating situation that every dog owner fears. His three beloved dogs escaped and went missing. While two of them eventually returned home, Sam, a 4-month-old Labrador cross, remained missing. Despite checking local shelters and conducting extensive searches, Michael couldn’t locate Sam.

Determined not to give up on finding his beloved dog, Michael made a promise to himself and his wife that he would continue the search. Even after relocating to Kentucky, he made regular trips back to their former home in Georgia, hoping to reunite with Sam.

Nearly five years passed without any sign of Sam, until one unexpected day, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland in Ohio. Overwhelmed with disbelief, he couldn’t imagine that it could be the same Sam. However, the shelter confirmed they had found Sam after conducting a medical examination and scanning his microchip, which led them to the Joy family.

Without hesitation, Michael immediately embarked on an eight-hour drive to Ohio, filled with anticipation and hope. He wondered if Sam would remember him, considering the significant changes they both had gone through over the years.

As the shelter staff brought Sam out, Michael’s face revealed his excitement and joy, akin to a child on Christmas morning. And to his delight, Sam’s response was equally exuberant. The dog couldn’t contain his excitement, wagging his tail vigorously and jumping all over his long-lost dad.

This heartwarming reunion was made possible because the police had found Sam and brought him to the shelter. The staff, following proper procedures, scanned him for a microchip and were able to contact the Joy family based on the information they found.

The emotional reunion between Michael and Sam serves as a reminder of the profound bond between humans and their pets. It’s a testament to the unwavering dedication and love that owners like Michael have for their furry companions. With Sam back in his life, Michael is undoubtedly determined to keep a watchful eye on him, cherishing every moment together and ensuring that Sam is never lost again.


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