This chicken is a pianist. People are extremely surprised (video)

Throughout antiquity, people have mastered the art of training various animals. No one looks out of the ordinary when cats or dogs perform many commands and activitiesAnimals have been trained to undertake a wide range of activities that humans have neither the time nor the confidence to perform throughout history. Turns out you can train chickens in addition to cats, dogs, and horses.

Poultry pianist Jonggu is a perfect illustration of this. It may seem impossible at first, but video of the chicken playing Puccini has taken over the internet.

What’s the trick? Chickens can be trained, despite the common misconception that they have weak mental faculties and are fuzzy, forgetful, and other undesirable traits. A long time ago, people started training chickens.

Chickens learned to tell the difference between a circle, a square, a triangle, as well as between large and small objects through food training. The bird was trained to press the button before getting food (principle of nipple drinkers and feeders). Additionally, experiments are awaited to support hens’ response to color.

One grain color was glued to the feeder, while the other was freely available. The grain could no longer be stuck because the bird stopped paying attention to it over time, the hens did not touch it, and it remained in the feeder. The chickens were trained by a few individuals. The renowned, outstanding, and essentially unique trainer among them was VL On a farm in Maryland, a chicken by the name of Jongu remains.

She needs two weeks to keep the piece, according to the owners. The luminous keys, which light up precisely at the right time, guide the bird. However, he still makes mistakes from time to time, like any true musician. There are also other chicken musicians. For example, a student in China was taking a course in the psychology of animal behavior and taught a chicken to play the piano as part of an exam assignment. The three-headed bird songs in three months.

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