A mortally wounded bear kills the hunter who shot him

In Russia, a dying bear killed a hunter who had… shot him! The man’s corpse was found about 50 meters from the remains of the plantigrade.

A scene worthy of a revenge movie has just taken place in Russia. Indeed, a mortally wounded bear killed the hunter who had shot it by crushing its skull, according to a report.

The tragedy occurred when the 62-year-old hunter tried to shoot the mammal from a raised platform located in a forest in Irkutsk (central Siberia), reports the American magazine Newsweek, citing the Russian news agency Interfax.

Still according to the news site, the man came down from the platform believing the bear to be dead. The plantigrade would then have attacked his executioner with claws before taking his life by crushing his skull. The hunter was declared missing, but a search party found the body of the sexagenarian a few days later. Note that his body was covered in bite marks and claw marks.

Authorities said the carcass of the predator was found 50 yards from where the man lost his life. For the moment, they do not know what species of bear killed the hunter. However, brown bear attacks are common in Siberian forests.

In July 2021, a 42-year-old camper was eaten alive by a bear in a Russian national park. A month earlier, a 16-year-old boy met the same fate. In total, the country recorded 264 bear attacks between 1991 and 2017.

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