The woman is determined not to return the rescued dog to its previous owner because he allegedly abandoned it.

One evening, Latvian Irma Petraskine was walking along the banks of the Daugava when she suddenly noticed a puppy lying on the bank. The dog looked frightened and groaned softly. As Irma got closer, she discovered a heavy metal object on the dog’s collar. It was obvious that someone had tried to drown the dog – a sad and heartless act that aroused the woman’s pity. Determined to help the four-legged friend, she took him home. Irma identified the rescued dog’s breed as a black and white spaniel.

How he managed to escape the water remained a mystery. Irma managed to loosen the wire on the collar. Despite the human betrayal that the dog suffered, he showed gratitude by voluntarily entering the arms of Irma. When she hugged him, he licked her face gratefully, pressed himself against her, and calmed down. After returning home, Irma took to social media to share the circumstances in which she found the dog.

The news spread quickly and the site received 750,000 visitors. Everyone was horrified by the heartlessness of the owner who decided to get rid of the dog in such a cruel way. But the owner soon spoke up on social networks. He wrote to Irma and claimed that the dog had run away from home and he had searched for it in vain.

Nevertheless, Irma was determined not to return the dog to its owner. She asked the shelter’s volunteers to care for the dog until the problem was resolved with the owner.

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