Optical Illusion IQ Test: Only 2% of people can quickly spot headphones hidden inside of a bathtub!

Only 2% of IQ test takers can detect headphones hidden in the bathroom, due to an optical illusion.

Children and adults can use the above image as a picture puzzle. You can see a bathroom in this illusion where the soap, detergent, and hair dryer are all in separate cupboards.

The wall next to the toilet seat has clothes hung on it. A washing machine and a toothbrush holder have been placed close to the sink. However, someone inside the bathroom has stolen a headphone.

The illusion tests viewers to locate where the headphones are hiding in the image. Only 2% of people, it has been said, are capable of spotting the headphones that are hidden in this picture. This optical illusion picture is simply one more entertaining IQ exercise. However, the best way to determine your IQ level is to take an actual IQ test.

We can assist you if you are having trouble discovering the concealed headphones. If you closely examine the photograph, you will notice that the headphones are concealed beneath the dishwashing liquid on the lowest level of the cabinet.

The shelf above the washing machine is where the headphones are concealed. Numerous adults have struggled to identify the headphones concealed in the image, leaving them perplexed.

According to studies, the more challenging riddles you complete, the smarter you get. There is usually some fascinating information about how our brains function in optical illusions.

Certain arrangements of color, light, and patterns can deceive our brains into seeing something that isn’t actually there. Tell us: Did you see the headphones that were buried inside this optical illusion?

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