Before New Year’s, the grandmother lost her pension, but caring individuals were able to perform a real miracle for her.

During the New Year holidays, we all await a miracle, and it’s so heartwarming to realize when it happens. Today, we want to share with you a true Christmas story that took place in the Ukrainian city of Ternopil. Before New Year’s, a retiree went to the post office to collect her pension, but she returned home without the money; apparently, she had lost it on the way. She was feeling down and, in desperation, decided to write a handwritten note describing the whole situation and asking the finder to return the money to her.

The first person to respond was a girl named Natalya, who suggested to her grandmother to post the announcement on social media. After a few minutes, small amounts of money started arriving on the victim’s bank account. The person who found the money never came forward, but in a short time, caring individuals managed to collect donations for the woman. In the next announcement, the retiree asked to stop the fundraising since she had already recovered the lost amount and even a little more. She wrote that she was moved to tears by the fact that kind-hearted people responded to her misfortune and thanked everyone who didn’t pass by and those who offered her help.

And finally, I would like to add: It’s a pity that such situations occur, it’s regrettable that there are people who can take money from others without remorse and not return it, but it’s comforting to realize that there are even more kind and sympathetic people in our world.

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