During the game, a six-month-old baby elephant chuckles with delight

Rarely is it possible to capture an elephant laughing on camera. Most people probably had no idea that elephants can produce these noises.

The Maevang Elephant Camp Reserve in Chiang Mai is where the film was recorded (Thailand). To commemorate finishing graduate school, a Scottish girl called Laura-Jane traveled to Thailand from Aberdeenshire. She scarcely imagined that she would be able to celebrate her academic accomplishment while simultaneously unintentionally filming such a video!

A reserve staffer is seen interacting with an elephant in the footage. The toy is a simple plastic bucket. It appears that the baby loves it!

The reserve’s guests were so mesmerized by the elephant’s captivating noises that they stood there gaping at him while he laughed.

It’s impossible to watch this video and not grin yourself since the baby’s giggle is so infectious!


Geology postgraduate studies are concluded for Jane. She is therefore doubly happy to see the animals at the reserve, who evidently feel terrific, love life, and enjoy playing.

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