Salif Traoré, singer of Magic System, sets fire to his graduation ceremony

The Jouy-en-Josas graduation ceremony took place in an extraordinary atmosphere. The reason ? Salif Traoré, the singer of Magic System, was among the graduating students and set the ceremony on fire.

The graduation ceremony of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris was held a few days ago on the university campus of Jouy-en-Josas, in the Yvelines. During this usually solemn ceremony, a student like no other caused a stir. This is Salif Traoré who is none other than… the singer of the Magic System.

Aged 44, Salif Traoré graduated after deciding to join this training during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this time, his group’s tours stopped and the artist decided that it was the right time to start studying, something he had never done.

Salif Traoré was born in a popular district of Abidjan and lived with his seven other brothers and sisters. His father, a construction worker, could not afford to enroll his little boy in kindergarten and when the latter joined the school benches, he was in classes of more than 100 students.

Salif Traoré followed his school career until his final year before dropping out of school to devote himself to music. Years later, he joined the HEC to follow a master’s degree in management of a strategic unit.

The artist sings his greatest hits

During the graduation ceremony , Salif Traoré was called to the stage to make a speech. At that time, he surprised the whole congregation by bringing his band members up on stage and performing his greatest hits in front of the other students.

“I tried to search ChatGPT for the talk I could deal with all these students and realized that ChatGPT can’t know everything. I’m not going to give speeches, but what I know how to do best , he said before adding: Are you ready to do the show?

In ceremonial dress, the singer performed two of his greatest hits: Premier Gaou and Magic in the air. He set fire to the assembly and this ceremony like no other was broadcast on the school’s YouTube channel.

Helping African artists to train
If Salif Traoré has decided to embark on studies, it is because he is a committed artist. In addition to being a music group, Magic System is a foundation whose main objective is to build schools. So far, the group has already helped build ten schools, including one in the neighborhood where Salif Traoré grew up.

If the singer has decided to study management, it is to manage cultural businesses that will allow African artists to train in the music profession.

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