France: a giant goldfish weighing 30 kg was caught by a British fisherman

In France, a man from the United Kingdom managed to capture one of the largest goldfish in the world in a fishery in early November.

A gargantuan catch! On November 3, Andy Hackett, a 42-year-old British angler , caught a gigantic goldfish at Bluewater Lakes, a French fishery located in Aube.

According to the establishment, the orange specimen – aptly nicknamed “The Carrot” – is one of the largest goldfish in the world, weighing in at 30 kilograms. The 20-year-old fish is a hybrid species mixing leather carp and koi carp.

The latter was introduced into the lake when it was young. And the least we can say is that the creature has given many fishermen a hard time over the years as it was so difficult to observe.

For his part, Andy Hackett fought for 25 minutes to extract the fish from the waters. As reported by the Daily Mail, The Carrot weighed 13 kilograms more than the goldfish considered the largest in the world caught in 2014 in Minnesota, United States.

But that’s not all ! The animal was twice as big as the koi carp caught in 2010, in the south of France. “ I always knew the Carrot was there (…) It was great to catch it, but it was also a stroke of luck ,” the Briton told the news site.

Unsurprisingly, the latter did not hesitate to strike a pose with his catch before releasing it safe and sound in the lake. He then celebrated the event with a well-deserved cup of tea.

” We set up La Carotte about 20 years ago so that anglers could fish for something different ,” explained Jason Cowler, the owner of the fishery.

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