At 77, she finally gets the wedding she had dreamed of all her life by marrying… herself

Dorothy, a 77-year-old woman, considered herself the greatest love of her life and for this reason she decided to marry herself.

There is no age to get married. And Dorothy, a 77-year-old woman, made her dream come true by getting married… to herself.

The septuagenarian first tied the knot in 1965 in a quick ceremony held at a courthouse. Unfortunately, she divorced nine years later, convinced that her marriage could never have worked.

“I was wearing a black dress so I was doomed before I even started ,” she said.

Dorothy had three children but spent years of her life alone with no one to share her feelings with. At 77, she was afraid it was too late to live the wedding of her dreams, until she realized that the great love of her life was herself.

“I have been alone with myself for 40 years. Now I have a second chance to do something that will make me happy ,” she said.

Ahead of the big day, Dorothy said she was “nervous” but “excited” about getting married. She was able to count on the help of her daughter Donna, who found her the perfect dress for the occasion. The young woman also decorated the community hall of her mother’s retirement home and cooked the dishes for all the guests. A beautiful day that allowed the septuagenarian to realize the dream of her life.

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