After having only boys since 1885, this couple gave birth to the family’s first daughter

In the United States, a family from Michigan witnessed an extraordinary event last March: they had their first baby girl in 138 years.

Last March, Carolyn and Andrew Clark, a couple from Michigan (United States) welcomed their second child: an adorable little girl named Audrey. And the least we can say is that this birth was highly anticipated.

Her arrival not only marks a new chapter for the couple, but it turns out Audrey is actually the first daughter to be born on Andrew’s side of the family since 1885. Clark’s family registry. The little girl thus breaks a series of 138 years of exclusively male births.

“It was a huge surprise for all of us”
In an interview with Good Morning America, Audrey’s mother explains that she was amazed to learn that no daughter had been born on her husband’s side since 1885. At the time, the young woman, who had no did not believe this story, had asked his in- laws for an explanation .

Andrew’s parents had then confirmed this surprising statistic: ” We haven’t had a daughter in direct line for more than 100 years (…) Uncles and cousins ​​have had daughters, but not on our side” , they had explained.

It was during a party organized last September that the couple, their four-year-old son and their friends discovered the sex of the unborn baby. Without real surprise, everyone greeted this news with emotion: “ Honestly, everyone was screaming and jumping . It was a huge surprise for all of us , ”the father of the family told the American news site.

Finally, Audrey pointed the tip of her nose on Friday March 17, 2023, St. Patrick’s Day: “ We are so happy that she is finally here. She is doing wonderfully and fills us with joy , ”said Carolyn.

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