In China, a whale washes up on a beach and rescuers keep it alive for 20 hours

In China, a huge sperm whale washed up on a beach and to help it get back into the water, rescuers took turns for 20 hours to hydrate the animal and keep it alive.

In China , in the province of Zhejiang, a huge sperm whale, 19 meters long and weighing 70 tons, washed up on a beach. The whale was still alive on shore, but was in grave danger as it was in danger of succumbing to dehydration or suffocating under its own weight.

Indeed, this animal usually lives in the icy waters of the oceans and that day, it was trapped by the rising tide and it was 20 degrees on the beach, which prevented the sperm whale from regulating its temperature .

The sperm whale was seen by a group of fishermen who called the local fisheries office for help. Rescue teams arrived at the scene and began a rescue mission to keep the animal alive.

The rescue operation began at 8 a.m. and for 20 consecutive hours rescue teams took turns to keep the sperm whale alive.

They started by trying to pull the sperm whale with five boats to put it back in the water, in vain. Thus, the rescuers had no choice but to wait for the tide to rise and during this wait, they did everything to keep the whale hydrated by throwing buckets of water on it.

Once the tide rose, ships approached the shore and towed the sperm whale back into the water. The animal began to swim independently before disappearing into the ocean.

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