His car burns during a breakdown: the brand advises him to bring the vehicle back to the garage

Rather unusual fact: an American found himself in an unfortunate situation. Owner of a Tesla, he unfortunately saw his vehicle catch fire directly on the road. Faced with the fait accompli, an assistant asked him to transport his car as it was for a small examination.

burn out
In the United States, Teslas are particularly popular and well-known vehicles. But as technological as cars are, they remain machines that can break down. In this case, Bishal Malla, owner of a Tesla, had a bad surprise and above all, the worst advice coming from the car brand itself!

While shopping on May 6, Bishal Malla was driving his Tesla peacefully down the highway when his prestigious car began to shake. Faced with the apparent breakdown, the American therefore stopped on the side of the road, before getting out and noticing… that the flames were slowly beginning to engulf his vehicle. What was at first smoke emanating from the bottom of the car quickly turned into a fearsome fire.

Faced with the situation, Malla therefore grabbed her phone to contact Tesla customer service . The problem is, the agent simply asked him to take his still-smoldering car wreck to a Tesla service center. Difficult thing to do when his car gradually turns into a grilled marshmallow, you will agree.

“An agent I spoke to had the audacity to tell me to take my burnt-out Tesla to the Tesla-recommended service center ,” he told Insider media. “Uh, how am I supposed to do this?” , then said the motorist, distraught. Currently, he is doing everything he can to get a follow-up on his file from the builder; the story, meanwhile, is making a real buzz all over the net.

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