People claim that he is too handsome to work in a supermarket

Can you be too handsome to do a job? A question that may seem strange. Sure, some environments call for sleek style and good looks, but that’s not always the case. Professions should not be about physical appearance so much as whether or not you can perform a certain task. Still, there are people who pay a lot of attention to aesthetics and are sure that there are standards to be met.

An example of this is the story of a handsome young supermarket employee who confided how many times he was considered “too” handsome for his job.

The man in question is Eren Yilmaz . Originally from Turkey, he works in a famous supermarket chain, and thanks to his appearance, he managed to gather many fans. Aware of his body and his charm, this young man began to play on the issue and every day he publishes funny videos in which, together with some colleagues, he indulges in dancing and singing, filmed in the store where they work.

The thing, from something funny, turned into a real business for the supermarket . Many people decide to shop there to meet him and perhaps exchange a few words with him. The store’s customers, for this very reason, seem to have increased and boosted sales considerably.

He is therefore the subject of particular attention, not to mention that the comments on his videos are numerous and, often, ironic: “In which supermarket do you work? I have to buy croissants,” writes one user. “I left my job to be hired there and work with him,” comments a colleague.

Apparently the whole web is talking about Eren and many are saying it’s a ‘waste’ to see him employed in this capacity. The man, although it amuses him and he likes to post his videos on social networks, says he has no intention of leaving. He loves his job and it’s certainly not people’s compliments that will change his mind.

What do you think ? Should he really think about finding something else or not?

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