He had lost his job and was living on the street with his daughter. See what happened

You have no idea how difficult it is to live a homeless life and not only have the certainty of having hot water and food to meet your needs every day, but also the security to live and sleep under a safe roof.

A luxury which, nowadays, is becoming more and more a privilege because the number of poor people is increasing at a breakneck pace. A homeless man who has lived on the streets for a long time with his daughter and his faithful pet is at the center of this story with a happy ending.

The old man’s name is Don Manuel, he lives in Mexico with his daughter Juana Maria and his faithful little dog.

Don Manuel was unfortunately left by his wife when they gave birth to their daughter, and to make ends meet and provide food for the little one, the man worked for years as an electrician. A bad fall at work, however, confined him to a wheelchair for an indefinite period.

Unfortunately, in the long run, the girl’s income was no longer enough to pay the bills and rent for the house they lived in. They were therefore evicted, forced to live on the streets and survive on plastic recycling, social services and meals from the local Caritas.

But the local administration of Torreon had a big surprise for Don Manuel and his family…

The house offered by the local government has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a garden, electricity and a roof. Although Don Manuel now has a house and a roof to sleep under, he still does not have a paid job that can support him and his daughter on a daily basis.

This is why the mayor of Torreon pledged to find Don Manuel a decent job once he recovers from his bad fall: “This gesture of generosity does not stop there, let’s find a way so that ‘once Don Manuel has recovered from his injury, he can resume professional activity with all the dignity he deserves! »

But in the meantime, he finally has a roof under which he can live with dignity and serenity with his family!

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