The girl removed the splinter from the cub’s paw and the bear is grateful

Did this story really happen? No one will ever know. But a young girl told it during a broadcast.

It was summer. The girl got up early as usual. She put on her dress and went to the lake.

She walked every day by the lake. It was a pleasant morning and the songs of the birds filled the air.

Usually the water in the lake was calm and clear. And the grass was covered with dewdrops.

To get to the edge of the lake, the girl had to go through the edge of the forest. So, walking towards the lake, she noticed a bear with her cub.

In the village where she lived, the peasants often encountered bears and they were not afraid of them.

But the girl took heed of the animal and decided to wait until the bears left.

As the narrator failed to hide well, the bear noticed her behind the trees.

Seeing her, with her baby, the animal took the direction towards the girl.

She froze, not knowing what to do. When the bear approached, the narrator saw a large splinter in the bear’s paw.

The animal could not remove it by itself and begged the girl for help. So the girl took the teddy bear in her arms and abruptly pulled out the splinter.

The mother bear looked at the young girl gratefully, as she thanked her for her generosity. Wild animals can be grateful too.

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