Police officers take the dog’s handler away, but the embarrassed animal does something incredible

Chei Di Pulga, this admirable dog has softened the hearts of all Brazilians by showing his infinite loyalty to his best friend.

Rio’s military and civilian police were carrying out checks on people suspected of drug trafficking and other related crimes.

During the inspection, a young homeless person named Fabio de Souza Cesario was invited to the police station in order to verify certain facts.

The man complied with the order and got into the police car. But what happened next surprised everyone, including the police officers.

As they drove away, officers saw a dog running near the vehicle and howling frantically.

Although they continued the lesson with a steady pace, the dog continued to run from behind. He was trying to get closer to the car, in order to stop it.

Noting that the dog could hurt himself or disrupt traffic, the police decided to stop the car and open the doors.

At first, the indecisive animal was hesitant to get on board, but when he noticed his beloved master in the back, he jumped into the car to join him.

A true proof of friendship!

If someone gives his life for his friends, it is the greatest proof of love and fidelity.

The end of the story is also happy.

After verification of Fabio’s data, both were released.

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