A Newborn Was Thrown Into The Trash And This Clever Dog Saved Him

Max was a stray of the mongrel breed, but he was very intelligent, friendly and lively. An incredible story happened with him.

One day, in a poor part of town, in front of the garbage cans, Max noticed a newborn child.

The mother had thrown her little girl in the trash to get rid of her. The little one was not crying, but was moving her hands. The homeless dog found her and decided to save her.

With a baby in its mouth, the dog approached the nearest house. A man, going outside, noticed them.

Very shocked, he immediately rushed to remove the child from his mouth. The baby was fine and his thin skin was not hurt at all because the dog carried him very carefully.

The man reported to the police and the newborn was taken to hospital. Doctors said she was in good health and doing well.

Police investigated the case to find the baby’s birth mother.

The whole town was talking about Max and his heroic deed. He was a true guardian angel for the baby.

This story is an example on the one hand of human cruelty and on the other hand of the intelligence of the dog which, being more human, saved the life of a child.

People wanted to adopt the hero, but he loved the freedom and wanted to continue his street rescues. The inhabitants fed him and cared for him regularly.

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