Beyoncé’s daughter is creating buzz because of her incredible resemblance to her mom

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy was pictured with her dad at the NBA Finals game in San Francisco a while back. And fans went wild on Twitter after noticing how much the 10-year-old looked like her famous mum.

The resemblance was evident as the girl sat next to her father for a rare public outing on June 13, 2022. On the web, netizens notably noticed an incredible connection between the appearance of Blue Ivy and that of Beyoncé , now 40 years old, in 2007. And indeed, looking at the photo shared in this article, where we see the music star with her curly hair and her hoop earrings, it’s just stunning.

On social media, fans wrote: “ Beyoncé really copied and pasted her look on her” or “Blue Ivy stole Beyoncé ‘s entire face !” . Yet, many people could also see the similarities between Blue Ivy and her dad and let it be known in their comments, “she’s her dad’s twin” . We can also read: “Genetics are at work between Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Blue Ivy is a replica of both in equal parts.”

Impressive, isn’t it?

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