Panicked, she looks for her cat everywhere before realizing that he was there, before her eyes

Brianna experienced a few minutes of intense anguish thinking that her cat Snooki had vanished. However, he had not left the room, but it was perfectly hidden.

The owner of a mischievous cat called Snooki once thought she had lost her. She was totally in a panic, but eventually realized that was not the case at all. The feline was there, under her eyes, but he was so well hidden that she hadn’t noticed it, especially since he was sleeping and therefore motionless. A story reported by The Dodo.

Snooki, a cat with a white and black dress, loves finding all sorts of unlikely places to take her many naps. Her owner Brianna has got used to it over time, but this attitude still sometimes earns her a few surprises, as happened recently. That day, Brianna was serving her cats their meals, but Snooki was missing. It was not usual at all. The young woman started shouting her name, but she still didn’t show up. His mistress very quickly began to worry.

“I called her for 3 minutes, then I got nervous because the door to our house was open, so I thought the worst,” she told The Dodo. Brianna asked her companion for help. They both looked everywhere for her, but there was no trace of Snooki. She was eventually found. She had not gone away; my cat had simply slipped into a quilt wrapper in a corner, behind a small piece of furniture.

This little anecdote with Snooki is one more proof that you never get bored when you live with a cat.

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