With a family of eight children, an American couple have just welcomed their third set of twins

In the United States, a mother of eight welcomed her third set of twins last week.
Kimberly and John Alarcon are at the head of an XXL family. Indeed, the two New Yorkers have just welcomed their third pair of twins : two little girls named Kenzy and Kenzley.

As Good Morning America points out, the girls were born last week. Kimberly and her husband are already parents to Brittney (17), Sarah (13), Hunter (10), twins Zachary and Zoey (6) and twins Oliver and Olivia (4).

But that’s not all ! The couple are also raising their 3-year-old nephew King. And the least we can say is that the siblings of eight children are impatient to meet the youngest of the tribe.

Still according to GMA, Kimberly had a complicated pregnancy. During the first ultrasound, the mother discovered that she was expecting triplets. Unfortunately, she lost one after having a miscarriage.

” It’s very sad, but it happens in about 20% of triplet pregnancies ,” said the doctor who treated Kimberly. The 37-year-old woman gave birth by caesarean section on Monday April 11 because one of her twins presented by the seat.

Luckily, the babies are doing wonderfully: “ The twins are wonderful. They are in good health. Couldn’t ask for more ,” Kimberly told the US news site.

One thing is certain: its history is exceptional. In total, she gave birth to three sets of twins in six years. For her part, the stay-at-home mother herself comes from a large family.

“ My mother had 10 biological children and she adopted eight more. I grew up in a house full of love. We were 18 and we all had friends. Our house could have up to 30 children, running in all directions ”.

Today, the thirty-year-old would not trade her family for anything in the world.


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