After a hellish journey, this young woman denounces the presence of noisy children on planes

It’s well known: young children and long plane trips don’t mix. And it is not this American passenger who would dare to say the opposite!

Morgan Lee, a 24-year-old American, does not have her tongue in her pocket. The reason? Friday, August 26, she called on airlines to offer child-free flights after experiencing a hellish journey.

The one who lived through hell for three hours recounted her misadventure on the social network TikTok , posting a video in which we hear a little boy crying. And the least we can say is that the little passenger did not enjoy his trip.

” Why don’t adult-only flights exist?” I would pay so much money for that , ”said the young woman in her clip, which has been viewed more than 650,000 times since its publication.

Also according to him, the boy aged five or more kicked in his seat. A behavior that went unnoticed by his parents.

Unsurprisingly, Morgan Lee’s post divided internet users, and the passenger drew the wrath of many parents, including this user: ” And that’s why parents are anxious when they leave the house ”.

For her part, another user advised the American to book a private jet for her next trip. Finally, some parents shared Morgan Lee’s point of view. The latter revealed that they were willing to pay extra for some peace and quiet.

” As a mum, I also want an adult-only flight ,” read one of the many comments. A 2017 survey confirmed that many people wanted the same thing as Morgan Lee: child-free airplanes .

Note that these certain international airlines – Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Scoot Airlines, IndiGo – have already introduced child-free zones in their planes.

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