An amateur photographer captured a photo of a sunset taking the shape of an angel

In Scotland, an amateur photographer took a sublime shot of a sunset. In the photo, the sun and the sea can be seen taking the form of an angel with wings.

Stuart Murray is a 56-year-old man who lives in Scotland. One evening, while he was walking on the beach, he was able to admire a magnificent sunset which he decided to take a picture of. The snap was taken at 9:45 p.m. and the amateur photographer didn’t think it would have such an effect.

When he looked at his photograph, Stuart noticed that the sun and the sea took the form of an angel with wings. An incredible phenomenon that makes his shot unique.

During his walks along the seashore, Stuart claimed that he had always wanted to take a nice picture of a sunset , but weather conditions always got in the way. This time, he managed to take a very nice photo, only with his smartphone.

“In terms of the effect that the sun gives off, I think in my very limited use of my camera on my smartphone, it has something to do with the calm and very clear conditions that night. I remember while taking the photo a tourist couple passed by and I told them I was not a photographer, and that’s still true ,” Stuart said.

A remarkable photograph that quickly went viral.

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